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#Game has temporally been paused due to another project, which is a 2D RPG game engine of this game#

Play my first ever game. This is a combat RPG with multiple weapons, spells, items and a enriching story. I would like to mention that this is only Version 0.4 and so you can't expect the full story and the full enemies. 

Right now there are 12 enemies and 2 chapters worth of story
There are 4 sets of armour, 5 spells and 10 weapons (bows, swords, spears and axes)

Right now, in a roadmap, there is additional 3 sets of armour, 3 spells and 13 weapons...

Install instructions

The game as of version 0.4 is made using python and is still a python script for easy editing. You will require the python 3.7 in order to run it. Don't worry. there is nothing dodgy you can google python or download it from here: https://www.python.org/about/gettingstarted/


announce.rar 329 kB
DungeonRaiderV0.41.rar 17 kB
DungeonRaiderV0.4.rar 17 kB

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